Element Types

Element Types

  1. Dropdown: Displays a list of options in a dropdown menu. You assign a value to each option to be used in the formula.


  1. Number input: Allows your customers to enter a numerical value to be used in the formula.
    You can use the number that the customer input as the value in the formula or you can set ranges for a number input.

  2. Text input: Allows your customers to enter text that can be used for making the custom product.

  3. Image Upload: Allows your customers to upload an image that can be used for making the custom product.  Learn more here.

  4. Text block: Allows you to display text for the benefit of your customers. For example, you can provide your customers with helpful instructions regarding your calculator or instructions or information pertaining to your products.

  5. Image Selector: Allows your customers to select images from a swatch view while displaying the selected image as the main product image. You can also use this feature in as a dropdown. (Example: color selector, design selector, etc.).

  6. Calculation Display: Allows you to display a calculation to provide additional information or a description regarding your product. The calculation displays dynamic changes as your customer modifies his or her inputs. For example, the calculation can reflect pricing for bundled products or products sold in multiples (e.g., $20 per roll; order will come in 10 boxes; etc.).

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